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Our School

We are a friendly dance school based in Sherwood, Nottingham. Elevation Dance launched in 2020, but from 1976-2020 the school ran under the name the Jill Gregory School of Dancing. After celebrating over 40 years of running the school, Jill decided it was time to pass it on. Having trained and taught at the Jill Gregory School of Dancing, with an ambition of owning her own dance school one day, Yasmin was delighted to have the opportunity to rebrand the dance school and to continue to work with the wonderful dancers and staff!

Our Mission

We are proud to welcome students of all interest levels and abilities. We are committed to delivering an excellent quality of dance experience and education. Our classes in ballet, tap, modern jazz and acrobatics are fun, and support children in reaching their potential in a safe, welcoming environment.  

What We Offer

We follow the British Theatre Dance Association for our programme of study and exams. BTDA examinations are accredited to the Council for Dance Education and Training. Some examinations carry credit points in the Qualifications and Credit Framework. Higher level exams are considered equal to GCSEs and A Levels, carrying UCAS points. For more information on the BTDA, click here.

We feel it's important to provide our students with a variety of opportunities. Alongside exams and medal tests, students have the opportunity to take part in shows, local carnivals and performances and scholarships.

Above all, our passionate teachers offer a safe, supportive environment for learning and exploring dance. We support our dancers in building confidence, discipline and other life skills, and making friends and memories that they will carry with them throughout life.

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