Information For Parents


New to the dance school? New dancers may wear any form of tight fitting, easy to move in clothing. Leotards, sportswear, leggings and tight fitting t-shirts are all fine. Once dancers have settled in, we encourage the school uniform to be worn. Uniform can be purchased at Harding's Dancewear on Mansfield Road. For all subjects, please make sure that hair is tied back.

Option 1

Purple Tappers and Pointers sleeveless leotard in nylon lycra with ruched front with either ballet tights or black lycra footless leggings for up to Grade 3 

Black Ellen Adult nylon lycra leotard with either ballet tights or black lycra footless leggings for Grade 4 and above

Option 2

Black leggings and white/ purple fitted t-shirt, or black unitard/ catsuit for up to Grade 3

Black leggings and white/ black fitted t-shirt, or black unitard/ catsuit for Grade 4 and above


Ballet: Pink leather ballet shoes up to Grade 2 standard, split soled with criss cross elastic for Grade 3 and above (Option 1). Black ballet shoes (Option 2)

Tap: Black Bloch PU low heel tap shoes for up to Grade 3 standard. Black, split sole tap shoes for Grade 4 and above.

Modern: Bare feet for up to Primary standard. Black, split sole jazz shoes for Grade 1 and above.

Acro: Bare feet

Lesson Fees

New dancers can pay weekly for the first half term while they're settling in. After that, fees are payable per the half term via bank transfer. Invoices are sent before the start of the half term, and are due by the first day of the new half term.